We'll help you find the best rate & mortgage provider. We Promise.

Finding the best rate and mortgage provider is hard work. Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. As mortgage specialists, you can rest assured that our solution will save you money, not help the banks make more! At Discount Mortgage Canada, we work for you!

How much can you save based on current rates?

Here is a comparison of the current rates the bank will give you and the rates that we can arrange on your behalf on a $300,000 mortgage.

1 Year Fixed
3.29% (Bank)
Save $2,370 per year
2 Year Fixed
3.49% (Bank)
Save $1,770 per year
3 Year Fixed
3.94% (Bank)
Save $3,270 per year
4 Year Fixed
4.29% (Bank)
Save $4,320 per year
5 Year Fixed
5.14% (Bank)
Save $6,750 per year
7 Year Fixed
5.85% (Bank)
Save $8,430 per year
10 Year Fixed
6.09% (Bank)
Save $7,830 per year
5 Year Variable
3.45% (Bank)
Save $1,200 per year

How do you qualify for a mortgage?

Do you know what criteria is involved to qualify for a mortgage?

This short 5 minute video will take all of the mystery out of the approval process so you’ll be better informed when shopping for a mortgage.